The rooms that La Pescia offers to its guests give voice to the strong ideal our B&B takes inspiration from: the dispassionate love for nature and the respect for the environment.
Three different thematic worlds conceived in the name of ecology.

Infact, you are going to find an ecological geothermic sytem warming and refreshing the rooms; ecological are the solar panels that warm up our taps water. Moreover, our toilet blocks work with a mechanism that recycles rainwater. The bath foams and soaps you are going to find in our bathrooms are produced in respect of the environment, and made of high quality and natural ingredients, as well as washing powders we use for housework.

Skill and cleverness, then, have been challenged from everybody who tried to realize the various themes of the furnish, giving life to delicious hand-crafted works.

A meticolous Carthusian work took up the skilful hands of mum Rosy for months; you could test the result dwelling upon our simple but pretty bedspreads, obtained from antique hand-sewn clothes.
The wardrobes in which you can put your clothes, instead, have been restored with passion by dad Pietro.

Particularly interesting are then the mirrors placed over the sinks of each room: shining mosaics made of stained glass created by the artist Anna Giraldo, with rustic inserts of raku ceramics hand-worked by mum Rosy.
Moreover, are on your hand three little private balconies, one for each room, all turned towards the suggestive Buccione Tower, from where you could gaze at nature in its many facets.


At the ground floor there is the Sunflowers room, a double bedroom conceived as a homage to the beautiful yellow flower that always looks for the sun. Lamps, mirrors, sheets: everything you are going to find in this room will transport you into a glowing world of sparkling shades.

In the sunny bathroom of this room is also available a comfortable sauna-shower.

Choose to stay overnight in this room and you will find a comfortable orthopaedic bed with wooden staves, a little but well-functioning minibar, satellite television, hi-fi, adjustable geothermal heating and refreshment.


The most tender ones could instead prefer the Peach Blossoms room. The most romantic of the three rooms is ready to offer, to anyone who decided to prefer it, a really poetic atmosphere. Pink, symbol of joy and tenderness, is the real protagonist of this room: delicious is the baby pink coloured bedspread draped with small soft ribboned flowers; the nice thematical sheets will surely please you; pink is also the headboard, purpose-made for this room, thanks to the artistic flair of our ingenious wood craftsmen, Giulio and Romano Bertinotti.

In the bathroom, the "Agatha" shower, presented by the renowned Flex Doccia company, is able to free together with water, all the beneficial influences of crystal-therapy.


But if green is your favourite colour, then the room you are looking for is the Bamboo room. Don't let you deceive by its small size: this room is for real experts only! Small, welcoming, pretty, the Bamboo room gives peacefulness at first sight!

Characteristic is the fitted cupboard of this room, adorned by an old chestnut door.

Sunflowers room

The Sunflowers room
The bathroom of the Sunflowers room

Peach Blossoms room

The Peach Blossoms room
The bathroom of the Peach Blossoms room

Bamboo room

The Bamboo room
The bathroom of the Bamboo room

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