Thanks to...

Special thanks to everybody who contributed to realize our little big dream.

Thanks to the collaboration given by Bruno Zanetta and Giuseppe Nicolazzi.
Studio tecnico Geodue (Technical office)

To safety coordinator Ing. Raffaella Comolli and to her careful supervision.

Thanks to very sweet Luca and Michela Moia, to their professionalism, to their kind-heart and to their wonderful co-workers.
A moved goodbye to Carlo Moia, always in our memories.
Moia Costruzioni Srl (Buildings)

Thanks to our cousin, our uncle and their co-workers, the most imaginative electricians of the whole dstrict of Verbania.
Cavallini Giorgio di Alessandro

Thanks to energetic and sunny Giulio and Bruno
Carpenters Giulio Vinzia e Bruno Pinna

Thanks to Jessica, Paola and Valerio, the cosmopolitan pognese
Flexdoccia Srl

Thanks to our loved usual plumber Fabio.
Idraulico Termoidraulica di Calani Sebastiano

A special thanks to the most philosophical blacksmiths.
Alessi Mario and Giulio Alessi

Thanks to Anna Giraldo for her wonderful creations and for her niceness.
An. Gi.

Thanks to our irreplaceable Alvaro
House painter Alvaro Manzoni

Thanks to the hard-working skill shown by Romano and Giulio, our wood craftsmen.
Wood workers Fratelli Bertinotti di Bertinotti Giulio

Thanks to the accuracy and to the huge heart of dear Gino with his brother Tolmino.
Ferro Gino (tiler)

Thanks to the renowned experience of the Barbirato company, specialized in roofs desing and production.
Barbirato Danilo s.a.s. di Barbirato Marco e C.

Thanks to the Cisal company for the faucets supply.
Cisal spa

The goods offered for the personal and the domestic hygiene come from Dada lindo, in Borgomanero

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